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the rules

the first thing to understand is that this site is here for you to enjoy, free of charge. A lot of time and money has been invested into this site to make the information presented as accurately as possible. The more input we receive, the better this site will become, provided we received honest and accurate sales data. All information submitted for possible inclusion into our pinball sales database will be reviewed by one of our administrators, and will only be added if we have good reason to believe the information is correct. All fields are required on our submit sale form, including your email address in case we have a question related to your submission.

Common notes may include the following abbreviations:
NIB = new in box; HER = high end restoration; LE = limited edition.

Condition grades:
N/W = not working (complete EM games only)
decent = complete game, some wear, needs shopped
good = looks and mostly works fine with maybe some minor issues, and or some wear
nice = works 100%, very little wear, sparkling clean and shiny
excellent = near mint condition, very little use, no wear

your privacy is Extremely Important to us and the information received on any sales data submission forms will remain private, and NEVER be shared or sold to others. Your name and email address is required on the form in case we need to verify submission data, but your name will not be included in any data available for public view.
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