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recent machine sales pricing

the data in our database has been collected over a considerable amount of time. We have attended many auctions and pinball shows, and also includes user submitted data that we believe to be true to the best of our knowledge.
this site makes no attempt to set value

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prices shown for ebay sales

may not always be 100% accurate because if seller sold the game locally and ended the auction early, it may show as sold for buy it now money. On occasion, it also appears as though the exact same game is shown as sold on ebay more than once, we have no way of controlling that, or even verifying that. The games shown as sold on ebay were listed in the category : Collectibles > Arcade, Jukeboxes & Pinball > Machines - Any games sold on ebay in other categories are not included in the database.
prices shown for auction sales

may not always be a true reflection of selling price, as many times games are bought back by the seller in order to keep a game from selling for a price below what the seller will accept for the game.

The bottom line for Auction prices is to think of it as what price was needed to be the high bidder and be able to take the game home on that day. Therefore on that day, it took that amount, to leave with the game. Regarless of wheather or not the seller bought it back, or if it sold to someone else, it was still the high bid price to take that game home, on that particular day.

It is also Extremely Important to remember that most arcade game auctions include an additional buyers premium fee added to the hammer price, and also applicable state sales tax. This buyers premium may be as high as 18%, and sales tax could be as high as 8%. Under this instance a game listed as sold for $1000 at auction, may have actually been $1,260 out the door with fees added. So keep this in mind when viewing auction price results.
just a guide

This information is intended to be a guide only based on prior sales, and we are not responsible for any mistakes. Use this information to make decisions for yourself, and we encourage people to use ALL sources of sales data in determining prices.

Each machine sold price shown in our database represents a complete machine in working condition for solid state games, and complete machines working or not for electro-mechanical games
If YOU recently sold a pinball

click the "submit a pinball sale" link above, on the main site menu. Fill out the form with all the information and we will include your game in the database results, your privicy will be respected as the game will show "Private Sale" in the notes. Please help us keep this site accurate by only submitting actual sold prices, we will make every attempt possible to verify information submitted as factual. If you are not willing to provide us with your contact information and details about the sale, then we will treat it as an attempt to inflate or deflate a game price and it will not be included.
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